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We are a small advertising agency located about an hour West of NYC. Here at Communique we take pride in what we do and always put our best foot, or in our case map, forward. Each of our "quick guides" are uniquely tailored to each Hotel and its surrounding area, including a detailed road map as well as specific details of everything you need to know about that particular hotel. The best part about our Quick Guide process is that the publication is completely free for all participating hotels!

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Communiqué Inc.
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The Communiqué Quick Guide

How it Works:

Hotel Agreement

Every publication here at Communiqué goes through the same process. It begins once a Hotel agreement has been completely signed and obtained. Then one of our top notch salesman may begin their work in collecting local advertisers who want to partake and be represented in the Quick Guide.

Getting Complete Approval

This part of the process is what can really make or break the timeline of each particular publication. Our art department custom draws all the maps as well as creates all the advertisements which go into each of our Quick Guides. Between working with the advertisers, and the hotel representative to get approvals, the art department almost never sleeps. Literally, we might get a futon in here.


Once we obtain approvals from all parties involved for each publication we put it through two rounds of proofing. Naturally any mistakes are then fixed as the art department goes over each job before sending it off to the printer...

Once the job is out of our hands and at the printer it generally takes about three to four weeks for the Quick Guides to get to their hotels.

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